SEIREIA exists to inform and educate real estate investors in SE Idaho in the process, techniques, and systems for investing success; to provide opportunities for networking and joint venture efforts among its members, educational assistance in overcoming common obstacles, and to give encouragement and support for ongoing real estate investing success.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas! Education Subject Poll - Response Needed

I'm preparing for the next SEIREIA meeting upcoming this Thursday at 5:45 pm. I'm pondering what information would be the most helpful to present during the Education segment for the meeting.

I'd like to get some feedback from the SEIREIA members as to what questions you have or information you need to help you move forward with your Real Estate Investing business. Please feel free to ask your questions and/or give me that feedback in the comments below. Here are some topics that I'm considering...

1) How to avoid over-rehabbing, one of the biggest pitfalls for new investors.
2) How to market your FSBO property
3) Where to find funding for your real estate purchases
4) Setting RE Goals for the New Year

Please let me know if one of these or some other topic suits your fancy.