SEIREIA exists to inform and educate real estate investors in SE Idaho in the process, techniques, and systems for investing success; to provide opportunities for networking and joint venture efforts among its members, educational assistance in overcoming common obstacles, and to give encouragement and support for ongoing real estate investing success.


Background - Informally organized beginning 2013, we are a young but growing group of people who want to help each other by sharing knowledge and resources, creating a win-win situation.

Goals - Where we'd like to go from here -

Purpose of the blog - This blog is a tool to help gather people from the Idaho Falls area who are interested in learning about, or sharing their knowledge about real estate investing. 

Who's Invited - All who are interested in real estate are welcome to attend our meetings.  If you are interested in becoming an official club member (currently no fee), you must be willing to attend meetings.  If you miss 3 consecutive months, your membership will be suspended.  Membership benefits will include access to the" members only" section, where you can link with other members,  share properties, gain knowledge, and more.