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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Apr 2014 SEIREIA Meeting - New Funding Sources!

Hello Everyone,

I am posting the links to the new funding sources that I have discovered over the past month that could make getting deals under contract and purchase/rehab financing easier for everyone. Check 'em out to see if these companies can work for you!
  1. For Wholesalers and Investors alike. Here's a company that will fund your Earnest Money Deposits. Now there's no reason to get that great deal under contract! EMD Funding: We Fund Offer Deposits -- Use Our Deposits, POF, and Buyers for Your Wholesale Offers and Contracts
  • Unlimited Deposits: We’d like to fund ALL of your earnest money deposits, on ALL of your wholesale contracts, so you never pass on making an offer (or lose a deal) because you can’t get the deposit money to escrow at all, or in time.
  • Verification of Deposit and Proof of FundsGet MANY more deals accepted by submitting our VERIFIABLE proof of funds with every all cash offer you make. You can use our proof of funds right now…
  • Buyers: You search for buyers as usual, however we promote all of your deals to our wholesalers, offering them a fee if they refer an investor who buys your deal. Thus, by working with us not only can you secure MORE contracts but you may AUTOMATICALLY sell some contracts for substantially MORE than you would sell them for on your own.
2.         For those with purchase financing, but no rehab money, take a look at these guys...
  • Fund My Gap provides gap funding and hard money lending to Joint Venture Partners across the United States for the purpose of purchasing distressed or foreclosed properties, rebuilding or refurbishing them, and then selling the property to provide a profit for the company and its investors. Fund My Gap also helps originate loans for developers for the purpose of wholesaling.
3.         If you are looking to blow the lid off your fix 'n flip business, these people may be able to help...
  • Gorilla Capital JV Program provides funding for Single Family Residential Fix & Flip projects nationwide via our Joint Venture Program for Fix & Flip Operators.
    Gorilla Capital’s fund managers are actively seeking Fix & Flip operators who are capital constrained, or otherwise unable to capitalize on many of the opportunities currently available in the distressed residential Fix & Flip space.
    Gorilla Capital’s process is extremely streamlined and efficient – with funding for up to 90% of your acquisitions and regular reimbursement of rehab expenses.
  • Equity Participation and Joint Venture Program Highlights:
    o    Commercial and residential projects accepted in all 50 U.S. states and internationally, involving both real property and non-performing loans
    o    Brokers welcome
    o    Efficient transactions with all decisions made and funded internally
    o    Capital contribution amounts up to $5M, and no minimums
    o    90% Loan to Value Ratio
    o    12% Preferred Return, with flexible equity split at liquidation
With these kinds of resources available, it seems there should be no excuse for us all to have the best of success in our RE Investing! Feel free to comment below about what you learn from them and what your experience is like if you use them.