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Monday, October 21, 2013

2 Important Reasons Why Attending a Real Estate Club Is A Good Idea

Build Your Investing Team Through Your Local REIA

A very important group of players for your power team are other real estate investors. One way you can find these investors through Investor Forums, through local real estate clubs, or through web-based real estate clubs.

1) We might use these investors as mentors, but more importantly, they are used to aid in your exits. While attending real estate clubs or chatting with other students, you might find out that one investor is interested in buying beat up homes to rehab and sell. You might also find another investor that likes to buy raw land and develop it.

2) Knowing investors in the area can be powerful because you can invest with those investors in mind. For example, you could speak to the one interested in land and find out where he or she likes buying land and find out specifically what he or she likes or avoids. And then you can find property specifically for him or her. Call the investor up and show images of the property and information on the property including historic values and the neighborhood and then work the deal before you make your investment.

Having other real estate investors can provide the investor with a constant buyer for investments. The investor can reach out to relationships and invest with the end in mind much easier knowing that other investors are anxious for the deals that [you] can provide. 

(Basic text from, edited by Marti Castle Warr)